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Free eBook (Novel 1). Download here.

Free Pan Satire Novel

"Dead Pan and Joe Progress" is a satire on celebrity and genetic modification. The god Pan is upset at finding genetically modified organisms in Heaven. He comes to Earth and stays with his good friend Buddha, who is working as an estate agent in Cricklewood. He also appears on a couple of TV shows and becomes famous. Unfortunately, a big genetics company has the patent on any mix of goat and human genes.

The opening was ranked in the top five on the peer review site YouWriteOn.com. The entire book is free to download. It's now available in new formats.

Formats for mobile devices are availeble on the Tinhat Dead Pan page, including .prc for Mobipocket and Amazon Kindle, .lit for Microsoft Reader, and the new .epub format. The page also includes links to the entire novel in XHTML for viewing in a web browser.

If you have an old version of Pan and Progress, split into two parts, you can find any missing parts here.


First chapter as a web page.

Second chapter as a web page.

This book was first published on the Web in 2006. The author (me!) retains copyright and the book should not be republished in any way.

Email me at ajs@foxglove.co.uk with comments, suggestions and queries. This address changes periodically, just to keep spammers on their toes.

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